Shahed Saleem’s published work:

2018 ‘The British Mosque, an architectural and social history’, Historic England 2018
2017 ‘London Mosques’, (photo essay) in Unseen London, Hoxton Mini Press.
2016 ‘Building and Becoming; The Shahporan Mosque and the Unfolding of Muslim Visual Identity in London’, Chapter contribution to, ‘Religion and Visual Culture in London’, Eds. Reddaway, Quash, Rosen. I.B.Taurus 2016.
2014/01 ‘The Ismaili Centre’, 20th Century Society Building of the month feature. (blog article)
2013 ‘The Mosque in Britain, finding its place’, Chapter contribution for ‘Religious architecture, anthropological perspectives’, Ed. Oskar Verkaaik, Amsterdam University Press 2012.
2013/04 ‘A history of mosques in Britain’, Architect’s Journal, 19.04.12 p36-43.

Recent & upcoming public lectures:

2019 / 2020
March - William Morris Gallery
June - Asia House
July - The Art Workers’ Guild
November - The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)


Reviews/ press coverage:

'Echoes of a Victorian Call to prayer', The Victorian, March 2017

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'An architect is designing mosques that are more British', October 2016, Buzzfeed -

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